Welcome to Salt Coast Properties!! Honesty, integrity, personal service, passionate, and friendly are just a few words to define what we bring to the Georgia Coast and to our business. We are committed to genuine personal service to our clients whether they are the buyer, the seller, or the renter. Salt Coast Properties is your friend and business partner for life. We value everything the Georgia Coast brings to all who know the true meaning of Coastal Living. We welcome you to join us with Salt Coast Properties.

Alan & Chris Reddick

Please contact us at:

Alan and Chris Reddick
ph: 912.223.2361
e: chris@darientel.net

Bill Vickers
Bill Vickers
ph: 912.222.3353
e: wvickers@darientel.net

Catherine Holley-Tucker
ph: 912.258.9122
e: catherine_holley@yahoo.com

Russ Quarterman
Jennifer Wandless
ph: 678.300.1049
e: wandlessj@gmail.com

Russ Quarterman
Russ Quarterman
ph: 912.258.3342
e: russ.quarterman@gmail.com

Melanie Yeckley
Melanie Yeckley
ph: 912.777.9399
e: melanieyeckley@gmail.com

Tabitha Smith
Tabitha Smith
ph: 912.237.2175
e: dr.tashsmith@gmail.com

Tiffany Yarbrough
Tiffany Yarbrough
ph: 912.618.0345
e: Tiffany.SaltCoastProperties@gmail.com

Bill Vickers
Charla Nail
ph: 912.237.0821
e: CNail1985@yahoo.com

Sharon Rawl
Sharon Rawl
ph: 912.223.7299
e: RawlSharon@gmail.com

Catherine Cat Larkin
Catherine “Cat” Larkin
ph: 912.270.2334
e: Catlewislarkin@gmail.com

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